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ARMini Computer
David's software will now run on R-Comp's new ARMini Computer, Beagleboard and the PandaRO.
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WebWonderGraphBox Professional version 2.00 released.

26/32 bit neutral. For more information, click here .

WebWonderWebWonder version 7.00 released.

Lots of new features. For more information, click here .

Looking for a serious Genealogy package? Click here .

Births, Deaths and Marriages!ProCAD+ 

Click here  to see what is new for 2017.

On-line product registration

It is now possible to register your software products on-line. Click here  to find out how. 

ProCAD+ version 1.09 released:

ProCAD+ has been upgraded to version 1.09.
To find out more, click on the link below:

ProCAD+ version 1.09   

More e-mail problems:

I have been having problems with my e-mail again. If you sent me an email and didn't get a reply it is probably because I never received it. Address to use now is:

After the show:

Thank you to all those who attended the RISC OS South West Show on 25th February, and especially to those who bought my products.

As a result of discussions at the show improvements have been made. GetOSM now handles coastlines properly without generating huge files and ProOSM+ now puts its symbols into different layers.


FunFysics is a new release. It is a physical properties simulator that makes problem solving fun. Now comes with searchable e-manual.

Try it for yourself. A free evaluation version is available for you to download from this web site. Click here  for more.


One satisfied user writes:
I bought FunFysics at the RISC OS South West Show and it is so brilliant I would like to buy a copy for my daughter who runs Virtual Acorn on a RISC cube.

PDF import & output

PDF iconThe latest versions of ProCAD+ is now supplied with PDF import and output. This means that you can offer your drawings to internet visitors so that they can be seen as quality vector drawings rather than pixel images or screenshots.

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