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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have looked in the manual and can't find the answer, have a look here. It might save you an e-mail.

Q. I can't select grouped items on a layer.

A. A group only exists on a single layer if all the items in the group are on the same layer. Normally, ProCAD+ makes a group unselectable if any item in the group is on an unselectable layer. However, you can change this through the Group and Symbol preference setting accessed via the iconbar menu. In this case ProCAD+ will make the group selectable if any item in it is on a selectable layer.

Q. I tried to load a DXF or DWG file but it didn't seem to load correctly.

A. It may be a scaling problem. If so you could try the following:

  1. Set your paper size through Misc > Paper size > A0 (say)
  2. Drag the file icon onto the page.
  3. Reset the Input scale factor to 1 and click OK.
  4. Use Misc > Page position > Fit to page

If this doesn't do the trick, try looking in the symbol dialogue box in case the drawing consists entirely of symbols.

Q. I created my symbol with several colours but when I put it on the drawing it always comes out in a single colour.

A. Set the colour of the placed symbol to 'Self' (at the bottom of the colour menu).

Q. When I try to save a BootCAD file nothing happens.

A. You must have a drawing window open to save a BootCAD file.

Q. The latest version saves DXF files with 256 colour codes but I wanted the old style.

A. Set the new DXFXCOL parameter in the 'Params' file to zero. (Page 125 of the manual tells you how to set up a Params file.)

Q. Will ProCAD+ work with RISC OS4?

A. ProCAD+ version 1.02 is fully RISC OS 4 compliant and comes with new sprites to match the new scheme of things. If you are having problems with long file names please e-mail for a fix.

Q. I am working on a drawing scale of 0.2mm but when I enter 7in in a dialogue box it comes out 5 times too big.

A. You have redifined millimetres but not inches, so a real 7 inches is used. If you need 7 inches in your user millimetres then just enter 7*25.4 and the calculation will take place in your user units.

Q. I am using ProCAD+ on an A9 and keep getting 'Failed to remove voice generator' and 'SWI 401XX not known' errors.

A. The A9 doesn't support the click sound so either turn of Snap sound in the Preferences dialogue or use the NOSOUND parameter if your ProCAD+ is later than 21/02/06.

Q. I am using ordinary printable characters in my KeyDefs file but they don't always work.

A. It is not a good idea to use these characters in KeyDefs as they will only work when the appropriate tool is active and the drawing has the input focus, i.e. the title bar is cream.

(This list will be continuously added to.)


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