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In addition to its more general uses as a CAD program, ProCAD+ can read most of the map files produced by the Ordnance Survey.

The following file types can be imported:

(Northern Ireland versions are not currently supported.)

For all but the MasterMap type, files should be loaded into a copy of NTF_Blank, which contains the required symbols and other data. NTF files do not have their areas automatically filled with colour and/or symbols. This must be done by the user. The use of NTF files is described in Appendix G of the ProCAD+ manual.

The first six formats listed above display maps with the usual line and point data. DTM files can either be presented as a series of contour cross-sections or as an isometric carpet plot as shown here:


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OS MasterMap web pages

ProCAD+ can import the new MasterMap GML format. For the Independent Polygon version of the files, areas can be automatically filled with colour and/or symbols. Two samples at different scales of zoom are shown here.

Map Sample 1

(These two pictures show screen-shots from the results of loading the sample independent polygon MasterMap file downloaded from the OS web site into ProCAD+.)

Map Sample 2

MasterMap files should have a file type of DOS or Text and be loaded into a copy of Mmap_Blank, which contains not only the required symbols but a new palette, set to the recommended colours. Mmap_Blank can be found in the NTF directory. The ultimate choice of colours is made through the NTF_FCodes file as for NTF files and is user configurable. This is described in detail in Appendix G of the ProCAD+ manual, along with the choice of fonts etc.

You can import trial MasterMap files for yourself into the free demonstration copy of ProCAD+ available on this web site but you will not be able to save the results.

NOTE: The two sample MasterMap files available are self-extracting Zip files of 1.6 and 1.2Mbytes. When decompressed, these files are over 24Mbytes. They can either be decompressed on a PC or by David Pilling's SparkFS. The free copy of !SparkPlug will not do. Click here to find out about SparkFS.

Click on the OS logo above to visit their web site for sample data to download.