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Both the full version and the upgrade to 1.09 have the full manual and the QuickStart supplement embedded in them.
If you require a printed copy as well, click here  to order.
Both upgrades and full versions are sent by e-mail.

We normally aim to process orders within 48 hours.

New users:

Full version of ProCAD+ 1.09   60 GBP

Combined package:

Full version of ProCAD+ 1.09 plus ProOSM+, etc.  80 GBP


There is now a charge for the initial upgrade to version 1.09 from earlier versions.

If you forget to enter your serial number in the PayPal page it may delay receipt of your upgrade.

Upgrade to ProCAD+ version 1.09   20 GBP


Upgrade to ProCAD+ version 1.09, ProOSM+, etc. 30 GBP


If you require a site licence or combination not listed here, please e-mail  me for further information.


If you are not able to use PayPal, please e-mail me for alternative solutions.