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Upgrade Request Form

If you have returned your ProCAD+ registration form or registered on-line, you may now use this electronic form to request an upgrade to the latest version of ProCAD+ 1.09 free of charge. The versions of ProCAD+ supplied since 2010 is 26/32 bit compatible.

There is an initial charge of £20 for upgrading from versions of ProCAD+ earlier than 1.09.
You can buy your upgrade here .

All the fields marked with a red asterisk * must be filled in, otherwise the form will not be processed. If you have moved since you sent your registration form please also fill in the address field. A contact telephone number can be helpful if difficulties are experienced in sending the upgrade as an e-mail attachment.

Requests are normally processed within 48 hours.

Upgrade Request Form

ProCAD+ Serial No. *  

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    Name *  


Contact Telephone No.    

Please enter the version number and date of your current version.
You will find this in the Info box from the iconbar menu.

Version No. (with any following letter)    

Version date     -  -  

Please now check that your e-mail address is entered correctly before sending the request.


 Please note: From the release of version 1.08 of ProCAD+, the manual has been embedded in the application in HTML format. A printed copy of the manual may be purchased here.

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