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This page is reserved for downloads of software or libraries that users may wish to share.

E-mail me your entries, but please keep them small as space is limited. Please ensure that anything offered does not contravene any copyright conditions.

I am unable to offer support for anything downloaded from this page. All entries are offered 'as is'.
The right to add or remove entries from this page, rests with me.

DownloadExtra eletrical symbols (18/03/99)

DownloadMonitor definitions file for CAD use (19/01/00)

downloadDemo ProCAM software for CNC machines

ZipAddExtn utility to prepare files for transfer to a PC (29/10/01)

DownloadTwo tree symbols for architectural use (09/11/01)

DownloadBS3939 electrical symbols (18/11/01)

DownloadPipe fitting symbols (18/11/01)

DownloadMisc. furniture symbols (03/11/03)

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These packages are supplied as a single archive file that will need to be unpacked using David Pilling's SparkPlug program. It comes as part of the Ant Internet suite or you can get a copy by clicking on the spark plug.


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