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Free RISC OS Software

This page offers free RISC OS software for you to download and use with my compliments.

I am unable to offer support for anything downloaded from this page.
All entries are offered 'as is'.
A !Help file within each application explains its use.
If you do find a bug, please e-mail me and let me know so I can fix it.

ProSpur+ is a professional application that generates accurate spur gear symbols for use with ProCAD+. When you have downloaded the archive file, click here to obtain detailed information on how to use the package.

ZipProSpur+ gear symbol generating software (20/03/2000)

* * *

The AddExtn program is best suited to users of RISC OS 4 and Win95FS who are preparing files for transfer to a PC. This program adds the required extensions according to file type and deals with some exceptions. (If you have downloaded this prior to 27/11/02 you might like to change the carriage return setting for DXF files to 0.)

ZipAddExtn utility to prepare files for transfer to a PC (29/10/01)

* * *

The WinFind application is a must for those who tend to have a whole screen full of windows and then can't find the one they want. This program lists each window's title bar in a scrollable list and brings the window to the front if its title entry is clicked on. It even copes with ProCAD+ message bars and tool boxes that have no real title bar.

DownloadWinFind utility to bring buried windows to the front (29/10/02)

DownloadWinFind utility to bring buried windows to the front (29/10/02)  32 bit version

* * *

NOTE: These packages are supplied as a single archive file that will need to be unpacked using David Pilling's SparkPlug program. It comes as part of the Ant Internet suite or you can get a copy by clicking on the spark plug.


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