VALENTINE CARY, Master of Christ's College, Cambridge, and Dean of St. Paul's, London, was presented to this see by King James I. on 14th September, 1621, and was consecrated by Archbishop Abbot on 18th November the same year. His Majesty' preferred him also to the Vicarage of Exminster in commendam on Fifth July, 1624 (Rymer's 'Foedera,' vol. xvii. p. 608). His government was short indeed: dying in his house, Drury Lane, London, on 10th June, 1626, he was buried in the south aisle of Old St. Paul's Cathedral, and with this inscription: "Hic jacet Valentinus Cary, Sacræ Theologiæ Doctor, olim decanus hujus Ecclesiæ, qui obiit Eps Exon." A cenotaph "in Memoriam" was placed to his memory in the south part of the Lady Chapel in this cathedral, subsequently removed to its present situation in the north aisle of the choir. Westcote incorrectly states that the bishop himself was buried here. The silence of the Cathedral Register of Burials disproves his assertion.

ARMS: - Argent, on a bend sable three Roses of the first. Westcote adds, "His difference, a Mullet."


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