ANTHONY SPARROW, a native of Depden, Suffolk, Master of King's College, Cambridge, and Archdeacon of Sudbury, was elected to the vacant see on 14th October, and consecrated by Archbishop Sheldon on 3rd November, 1667. When Cosmo III. visited our cathedral on 7th April, 1669, he describes in his 'Travels' (p. 130) this bishop "as seated, with his wife standing there, and his children, nine in number." His lordship was exemplary in his public and private character, and was justly reputed as an able scholar and learned ritualist. His 'Rational,' and 'Collection of Articles,' &c., we works of frequent reference. We learn from his Register that he was translated to Norwich on 18th September, 1676, where he died on 18th May, 1686, and was buried in the chapel erected by his predecessor, Dr. Reynolds, near the episcopal palace. His eldest daughter, Elizabeth, married the Rev. Edw. Drew, Archdeacon of Cornwall, and died 18th November, 1679. His second daughter, Arm; who had married 1st October, 1672, Nicholas Hall, Treasurer of Exeter Cathedral, had died on 26th June, 1684, aged 34. Bridget, another of the bishop's daughters, had married the Rev. Prebendary Thomas Long, on 15tb August, 1676, and died in Exeter, 7th December, 1707; to whom tho see of Bristol was offered in 1684, but he declined it.

Arms: - Ermine, three Roses argent, seeded or.


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