FREDERICK KEPPEL, third son of William Keppel, the second Earl of Albemarle, by his wife, the Lady Anne, daughter of Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond, was born 19th January, 1728-9. Whilst a canon of Windsor, he was recommended by King George III. to the chapter of Exeter for their bishop, and on. 7th November, 1762, was consecrated to that dignity. Towards his better maintenance, the deanery of Windsor was assigned to him in commendam. This affable, open-hearted, and bountiful prelate expended considerable sums on the improvement of the palace here, and took a special interest in the comforts of his inferior clergy, whose means of decent subsistence had hitherto been too little considered. In the vigour of life he was taken off at Windsor, on 27th December, 1777, and was buried in its collegiate church. His daughter Laura had married George Ferdinand, Lord Southampton, and was buried 18th June, 1798, in this cathedral: her mother was a natural daughter of Sir Edward Walpole, K.B., second son of the celebrated Sir Robert Walpole, created a peer 9th February, 1742.

Arms: - Gules, three Escalops argent.


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