JOHN FISHER - On the death of Bishop Courtenay, John Fisher, D.D., canon of Windsor (the eldest of nine sons of John Fisher, Clerk, MA., Rector of Colborne, in the Isle of Wight), was nominated his successor. He had been tutor to Edward, Duke of Kent, father of her present Majesty, Queen Victoria. His consecration took place at Lambeth, according to his Register, on Sunday, 24th July, 1803; and, shortly after, King George III. appointed him to superintend the education of his royal grand-daughter, the Princess Charlotte of Wales. Of this responsible charge he acquitted himself with exemplary propriety and credit. To mark the royal approbation, he was translated to Salisbury oh 20th July, 1807. The worthy prelate died at his house, Seymour-street, London, on 8th May, 1825, aged 76, and was interred in St. George's Chapel, Windsor. His brother, Jonathan Parker Fisher,D.D., many years subdean of Exeter and rector of Faringdon, died 31st July, 1838, aged 79, and was buried in this cathedral.

Arms: - Sable, on a Mound of Turf proper, two Stags salient respecting each other argent, collared and chained or.


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