HENRY PHILLPOTTS, D.D., the present Lord Bishop, "son of John and SibellaPhillpotts, was born at Bridgewater, 6th May, 1778, at 5¼ P.M." At the age of only thirteen years and a half he was elected a scholar of Corpus Christi, Oxford, was ordained deacon by Bishop Randolph in 1802, and priest by Bishop Majendie in1804, in which year he published his 'Sermon on 5th November,' delivered before the University of Oxford.

Since that period his ready and vigorous pen has been employed in numberless political and religious productions. Whilst rector of Stanhope and dean of Chester and aprebendary of Durham, he was elected by the Chapter of Exeter successor to Dr. Bethell, on 22nd November, 1830, confirmed on 9th December, consecrated on 2nd January, 1831, and installed here twelve days later. His lordship found the palace in a very unfit state to receive him; but he has restored it in a most creditable manner. And all must admit that whilst he has presided longer than any of his predecessors since the days of Queen Elizabeth, so none have surpassed him in talents, in energetic zeal for his church, in attention to the respectability and comforts of the inferior clergy, and in the diffusion of education.


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