ProOSM+ version 2.0

So what's new in version 2 of ProOSM+?

The short answer is - lots!

There are now over 200 symbols. Over 60 of the original symbols have been remade and more than 50 are completely new.

House numbers (and names) were available with version 1.0 but now postcodes, email addresses and websites are now also possible.

The drawing files are now set up with a metre scale factor built in and the longitude/latitude of the pointer position is now available on demand from ProCAD+, shown in a special box. (You may need to upgrade your ProCAD+ to use this feature.)

Several bugs and oddities have been fixed.

The presentation of roads and buildings has been greatly improved by the addition of a border that makes them stand out, as they do on the OpenStreeMap's own web site. Retaining walls are now rendered and the presentation of forests and other natural features have been changed to make them look more like the current OpenStreeMap display. The table below allows you to compare the results from the two versions.

GetOSM has been completely rewritten. One common complaint was that trying to search for a map by postcode failed. This was largely because the postcodes in the OSM database were either missing or wrong. !GetOSM now has its own database of over 2.5 million postcodes, thus eliminating one of the calls to the internet for data. Another addition is the conversion of Ordnance Survey Grid References. You can now locate a map using an OSGB grid reference. This means that you can now look up a map by:


UK Post Code
OSGB Grid Reference
Latitude and Longitude
OSM website bounds

!GetOSM’s help facility now opens a window in your browser that you can slide off to one side and keep open to guide you through the process of obtaining your .osm map file.. 

Sample PDF files of filtered OSM data saved from ProCAD+ can be downloaded and compared:

Exeter City CentreVersion 1.0Version 2.0
Plymouth City CentreVersion 1.0Version 2.0
Hydro-electric power station on the DanubeVersion 1.0Version 2.0

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