Registering Your Purchase 

It is important to register your software from David Snell if you wish to keep it up to date. On the printed registration form in the licencing package it says "Registration entitles you to 90 days free software support on this product from the date of purchase". However, this limit has never been enforced and all currently registered users of all current products enjoy free support, minor upgrades and bug fixes. Major upgrades, where the version number has changed, are usually chargeable.

It is now possible to register your product on-line so if you have just bought a new product or you have forgotten to register an existing one, you may do so now by filling in and submitting the form below.

All of David's current products are shipped on CDROM or by e-mail. If your hardware does not have a CDROM drive, it is possible to receive a complete version by e-mail* by using the upgrade page for the product.

* The WebWonder dictionaries are too big to e-mail but may be downloaded. Details may be found on the WebWonder upgrade page.

All the fields marked with a red asterisk * must be filled in, otherwise the form will not be processed. If you have moved since you sent your registration form you may fill in the address field. A contact telephone number can be helpful if difficulties are experienced in sending the upgrade as an e-mail attachment.

Registrations are normally processed within 48 hours.

Product Registration Form

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GraphBox Professional

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Please now check that your e-mail address is entered correctly before sending the request. 

By submitting your registration, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Licence Agreement.