HTML Support

WebWonder version 5.00

WebWonder has been written to conform to HTML version 4.01 Transitional, with a few extensions where appropriate. The following HTML tags are not supported by WebWonder. If they exist in a file given to WebWonder they will be passed through but, as they are not visible, care must be taken when cutting and pasting so that they are not moved or deleted. ABBR, ACRONYM, BDO, BUTTON, CAPTION, COL, COLGROUP, DEL, DT, FIELDSET, ISINDEX, LABEL, LEGEND, OPTGROUP, TBODY, TFOOT, THEAD.

The following are considered to be paragraph styles: H1 to H6, P, PRE, ADDRESS, BLOCKQUOTE, CENTER, DL, DIR, MENU, UL and OL. Only UL and OL may be nested, up to a maximum of 4 deep. <CENTER> will usually be converted to <P ALIGN="CENTER"> The FONT tag is used to set the colour and size of the text. Additionally, it can be used to select an alternative sans-serif type face. WebWonder looks for the presence of any of the following type face names to enable this switch: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Homerton, sans-serif. The selection that is output by WebWonder is defined by the entry in the Messages file, called sans:, which may be modified, but any new additions to the list will not be tested for. While WebWonder will show the sans-serif font (Homerton), the only RISC OS browser that will currently display it correctly is WebsterXL. Most PC browsers seem to display it correctly, but it should not be relied upon. If you really need a piece of text to be in a particular font, it should be turned into an image. !Draw, !Paint, !ChangeFSI and possibly !InterGIF can be used to achieve this.

The style <S> will be converted to <STRIKE>

In this version of WebWonder, TABLE tags may be nested. The tags TABLE, TR, TD and TH also support the BGCOLOR parameter, and TABLE supports BACKGROUND which was not originally part of the specification. TABLE supports BORDERCOLOR. All characters that are not normally allowed within the HTML commands are converted to ‘entities’ that will be correctly interpreted. ie. < becomes &lt; etc. This should be transparent to the user. NB: The Euro sign € is converted to &euro; If your browser does not support the sign then &euro; is what you will see, rather than some meaningless number. In RISC OS 4 the Euro sign is duplicated and doubles with the currency sign. WebWonder uses ASCII 128 for the Euro and ASCII 164 for the currency sign. Users of RISC OS 4 will see the currency sign as a Euro sign. RISC OS 5 has corrected this.

In general, WebWonder has been set up to work with the ISO-8859-1 character set. However, if the ISO-8859-14 set is used to obtain the Welsh characters W and Y with circumflex, WebWonder will adapt its output automatically to support the different values used. When WebWonder loads a file in which the Content-Type charset field is set to ‘windows’, it will replace it with ISO-8859-1 and will convert the top-bit-set Windows characters accordingly so they will appear correctly on all browsers, not just Windows ones.

If a page file starts with <?xml the remainder of the line will be preserved and the lower case output switch will be enabled, regardless of the setting for the site.

This version of WebWonder reads and notes the value of the TABINDEX parameter for the following tags: A, INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT, AREA and OBJECT. This value is currently passed through unchanged, rather than removed, as in previous versions of WebWonder.

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