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Hints and Tips

This section will be added to from time to time to share good ideas.

The 'grab selection' button:

 GrabThe grab selection button, shown here, appears in several of WebWonder's dialogue boxes. When it is clicked on it will load the currently selected text into the field that it points at.

The selction will only work if it is from a single piece of text without breaks in it.

When the grab button loads an address field of a particular type, the selection is tested and the button is only enabled if the address is valid.

Very large GIF files:

If you get a memory error while trying to import a very large GIF file, try increasing the values in the last WimpSlot command in the !Run file inside the !WebWonder application and try again.

Always use the WebWonder filer:

When you drag files into the web site using the WebWonder filer windows the files are date stamped for uploading. If you just use the ordinary filer the old date is kept and they are not scheduled for upload.

Tables containing text:

When a table is to be created from a text or CSV file, each cell's entry should be separated by a comma. However, if the text already contains commas, the best thing to do is to convert these commas to underscores first. Next, insert the commas that are going to separate the cells then load the file into the WebWonder table dialogue and click OK. Within the WebWonder page you can use the Find and Replace (F4) feature to replace the underscores by commas.

If you have loaded a table and forgotten to do this, and get a table with more columns than it should have then simply use the Remove > Table option and try again, having done the replacement suggested above.  

To create line breaks in a cell's text, simply insert a vertical bar character '|' (ASCII 124 where the break is required.

Euro symbol:

While there are HTML provisions for the euro symbol, Fresco doesn't honour them so a euro symbol as a GIF file can be obtained by clicking here . It is contained in a Spark archive.

Vertical alignment of table cells:

F5, F6 and F7 are used for left, centre and right horizontal alignment. Shift-F5 and Shift-F6 set heading styles in paragraphs but had no effect in table cells so from version 1.03, Shift-F5, Shift-F6 and Shift-F7 in table cells give top, middle and bottom vertical alignment. (Small text that was Shift-F7 is now Shift-F8.)

A shift-click on the alignment buttons on the tool bar with the caret in a table cell will also give the vertical alignment alternatives. This latter point is not mentioned in the version 1.03 manual.

Use of Tab and Shift-Tab in dialogue boxes:

With the introduction of version 1.03, Tabd and Shift-Tab can now be used to move around the writable fields of WebWonder's dialogue boxes in a similar way to Windows.

Inserting an Anchor when a selection is active:

Versions 1.03 and later allow an Anchor to be inserted when a selection is active only when the selected item is a single piece of text with no style changes in it. The anchor will be inserted at the beginning of the selection and the text will be used to create a name for the anchor, which may then be edited.

Opening a web page in a text editor:

Opening a web page from the site filer by shift-double clicking on the page's icon has always been a way of accessing the HTML file in a text editor.

For users of WebWonder version 2.00 a new key short-cut has been added. Whereas F2 saves the current page and launches it into your browser, Ctrl-Shift-F2 saves the current page and launches it into your editor. Alternatively, the new Edit>Advanced>Raw code (Ctrl-Shift-E) will use 'Throwback' to show which line in the text file the WebWonder caret is on when the file is saved.

NB: If the page is modified in a text editor, the WebWonder window on the page must be closed without saving. Only use this feature if you are sure you know what you are doing.

Making ordinary buttons into rollovers:

The Tools>Navigation buttons feature provides a means of declaring the buttons you are using on your web pages. The Tools>Rollover button update provides a means of converting ordinary buttons into rollovers. To do this, WebWonder scans the whole site and where it finds an ordinary button for which a rollover image has now been supplied, the button will be turned into a rollover. The extra code required will automatically be provided.

As an extension to this, you may use (and re-use) the User button fields in the Navigation declaration box to specify other button pairs that you wish to be converted to rollovers.

URL and Link files:

URL and Link files may now be dragged into and out of the Hyperlink dialogue box. Click here  for more. 

A URL file may now be dragged into a web page (v5.00), where it will become a link.

Find icon:

The find icon feature of v5.00 is available from the site filer Display menu and also by clicking MENU over a site filer window toolbar. There is also an additional undocumented feature: clicking MENU over the 'Home' button of a site filer window toolbar for a window that contains the home page, will scroll directly to the home page.

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