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with developments as they happen.

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Bug fixed that enables version 1.09 to run under RISC OS 5.24

Version 1.09 released.
Click here  for details.

Version 1.08a
Longitude and latitude box for files from ProOSM+.
New Grid 'On top' option.

Fixed text width bug in PDF output.

Draw and PDF output updated to honour the layer order viewing feature.

Version 1.08 released.
Click here  for details.

Save>Selection>PDF file fixed for groups and size.

Free demo. version updated for ARMini etc.

Bug in PDF output of certain bronken line types fixed. 

Bug in PDF output of negative numbers fixed.

Version 1.07 released.
Functionally identical to 14/11/07 version but issued to go with reprinted 198 page manual.

ProCAD+ now supports PDF output.
Printer problems fixed including missing fonts on PostScript printers.

Three new baud rates addded to Plotter+ serial interface:
38400, 57600, 115200

Bug fixed that caused problems with certain {-nn} registers
during the creation of reports.

ProCAD+ Version 1.06 and 1.06b (32 bit) released
along with new 196 page version 1.06 manual.

Redesigned Text tool dialogue box.
Option to make User Function Box more persistent.
New selection preference.
New function numbers.
New parameters. 
Etc. etc.

(Registered UK users will be notified by post for option to upgrade manual.)

BARWRAP parameter. Set to 1 to keep message and snap bars together on wide screens.
Pseudo right button effect on Select > Transform > Rotate 

ProCAD+ Version 1.05 and 1.05b (32 bit) released.
Scaling of !Draw line styles in symbols fixed.

 IYONIX OK28/05/03
32bit version 1.04b released.

ProCAD+ Version 1.04 released.
All UK registered users sent upgrade details.
Click here for a list of new features.
NOTE: This version is compatible with Aemulor,
running under RISC OS 5 on the new Iyonix machines

Support for GIF files, including animated GIF's!
New function numbers to toggle layer and text class visibility.

Improvements to DWG and DXF MTEXT importer.

Areas in groups and multiple slections with circles and curves corrected.

Fix for missing Rectangle command in MasterMap demos.

DWG format now accepted for import.
DXF import improved.

Ordnance Survey MasterMap .gml files may now be imported.

ProCAD+ Version 1.03 released.
All registered users to be sent upgrade details.

File manager sprites in 256 colour mode fixed.
Fixed empty group at end of output Drawfile bug.
New LINWIDMM parameter, when set to 1, uses mm rather than scaled values to set line width.
Bitmap support + two new function codes 885 and 886 to show/hide sprites and bitmaps.
JPEG support + new function codes 887 to show/hide JPEGs.
New Compass °N angle mode for angles measured from 90° clockwise.
Entering an angle with N or n at the end will be interpreted as Compass mode.
New function 98 to open new drawing.
Fixed crash on opening layer and text class dialogue with long file name.
Fixed bug in DXF import. Division by zero (type 2 error).
Item Info. for dead symbol crash fixed.

Long file name problems with RISC OS 4 corrected.

Layer names are now preserved on DrawPlus file import.
New Sym button added to the Text tool dialogue box for text alignment to symbols.

ProCAD+ version 1.02 sent to all registered users.
Multi-Copy Break Text now deals with proportional spacing.
Improved support for RISC OS 4, with new sprites.

Binary DXF output fixed.

Filled ellipses fixed.
Menu on Preferences dialogue box.
DXF library input - new buttons etc. on File Info. dialogue box.

ProCAD+ version 1.01 sent to all registered users.
New fill type: Approximate toolpath
New DXFPREC parameter
Rectangle editing improved
Non-CAD files and Applications now allowed in the
File Manager through new preference settings.

17/12/99 Print Background button added to Preferences dialogue.

New line editing mode.
Background button in Print dialogue.
ASCII option in Text enumeration.
New Select>Copy>To layer option.

30/08/99 Free ProCAM demo. available from Users Page.

28/06/99 DrawPlus files now accepted for input, retaining layer information, but not the layer names.

12/05/99 Long file names supported.

26/04/99 DXF import and export now uses 256 colours.

16/04/99 Plotter+ now plots layer colours.

18/03/99 Electronic symbols and Monitor Definitions added to Users page

10/03/99 Documentation has been added on-line to help use the demo. software

Disappearing OK when editing an elliptical arc 19/09/99

Printing of parallel arcs fixed 30/11/99
Folding of long dimensions fixed 17/11/99
White fill in Draw file import 18/08/99
Thick arcs in DXF output 01/08/99
Joining of Draw style lines fixed 29/07/99
Level problem fixed. Caused endless loop. 02/05/99
DXF export of layer colours corrected. 26/04/99
Symbol shape crossing between two drawings problem fixed. 12/03/99
Draw line styles in symbols fixed. 02/03/99
Some people reported a problem of a missing sprite. This has now been fixed.
DXF import has been improved.