RICHARD REDMAYNE, of a respectable family at Levens in Westmoreland, educated at Cambridge, entered amongst the Norbertine canons, and was chosen abbot of Shap. He is recorded to have been consecrated Bishop of St. Asaph about the middle of the year 1472, and to have expended considerable sums in repairing that cathedral, and nearly "rebuilding it" according to Browne Willis. By virtue of Pope Alexander Sixth's bull dated Rome 24th September, 1495, he was thence translated to Exeter, and its temporalities were restored to him on 7th January following. That he devoted himself to the duties of a diocesan is evidenced by his Register. In the chapel of St. Michael, within his manor-house at Chudleigh, he held an ordination on 23rd September, 1497; and three others within the chapel of St. Mary, in his palace at Exeter: viz. 31st March, 13th April, and 9th June of the following year. Removed to Ely (in which diocese he had been collated to benefices in early life) on 26th September, 1501, his career of usefulness was equally short, for he died at his palace in Holborn, London, on 24th August, 1505. His remains were deposited on the north side of the choir of Ely Cathedral ('Angl. Sac.' vol. i. p. 675).

Arms: - Three Cushions - argent according to Izacke, ermine according to Westcote.


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