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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no demo. copy?

Because there is no easy and quick way to make one. Spending time in doing so would increase the price of the product. However, you can inspect the electronic version of the printed manual. Click here  for details.

My ISP doesn't provide web space. Where can I put my web site?

Although the WebWonder manual presumes the ISP and web host to be the same, this does not need to be the case. Click here  to find out more.

Can I use WebWonder with my existing web site?

This is not an easy one to answer. If your existing site was made with WebMaster, the answer is almost certainly - yes.

WebWonder does not support nested tables, so if you really need nested tables then WebWonder is not for you.

WebWonder has been built around HTML version 4.01 transitional, but has some extensions.

If you are not sure and would like advice then email  me, quoting your site's URL and I will see if it will load for you, prior to purchase. I will also advise on any possible problem areas.

The HTML support  page gives more details.

Can I use WebWonder on RISC OS 3?

WebWonder was designed for use with RISC OS 4 and above, to take advantage of the long file name support.

Can I use WebWonder on Virtual RISC PC?

Yes. Don't forget to turn on 'Passive connection' in the ISP box.

Why are my page width settings not being saved?

 There are three page width settings:

Can WebWonder handle Unicode?

WebWonder presumes that the user is using the latin-1 character set. It has various means of dealing with special cases, some of them specifically designed to handle the extra characters needed for Welsh. These are built in to the RISC machine latin set but for those less fortunate, they are accessible through unicode and ISO-8859-14. WebWonder correctly deals with both of these and the charaters appear correctly on the screen.

For other unicode codings, particularly some punctuation and symbols WebWonder will map them to latin-1 equivalents if this is reasonable. Most of these are in the 82xx range. There are a few others such as 338,339,710,732 and 956 which can be dealt with using latin-1.

For those unicode characters not dealt with by the above, WebWonder uses a special technique. It can handle up to about 30 different unicode characters that it cannot convert. Such characters will not be displayable on an ordinary RISC PC so they all appear as yen characters on the screen to show that there is a character there. When the HTML file is restored the correct unicode is output.

If you are going to use unicode or a different character set it is worth checking that your intended audience has a browser capable of displaying it!

Why is WebWonder not displaying PNGs?

WebWonder handles JPEGs and GIFs internally but depends on external software for PNGs. This software was distributed with your copy of WebWonder and is called !PNG2Spr in the 26 bit version and !Spr2Png in the 32 bit version. It is important that one of these has been 'seen' before WebWonder is run, otherwise PNGs will just appear as boxes with an X through them.

I need password restricted access to my web site. How can restricted access be achieved?

The password protected access would be provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). You may have to pay for it. WebWonder would not be involved. When you try to access such a page, it is your browser that puts up the box for the password. In most respects protected pages are just like any other. It is where they are placed in the site that protects them.

Can WebWonder handle sound files?

Yes. It can deal with any of the usual web type files.

How do I put a double-space on a web page?

HTML mops up multiple spaces. Use Alt-space as a non-breaking space if you multiple spaces.


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