ProOSM+ is an OpenStreetMap file interpreter for ProCAD+ version 1.09. The Open Street Map project aims to provide free street maps covering most of the world. The files used by ProOSM+ are .osm files downloaded (exported) from their site at www.openstreetmap.org  or by using !GetOSM under RISC OS (supplied with ProOSM+).

While most other OSM programs reproduce the OSM bitmap view, ProOSM+ turns the downloaded data into an editable ProCAD+ vector drawing. Once edited to your requirements, it can then be printed or exported as a Draw or PDF file.

Such maps may be freely published provided that the OSM contributors are credited. This is done for you automatically by ProOSM+.

ProOSM+ does not use Unicode and works with RISC OS 4 and above. It includes special features to handle alphabets that would otherwise require Unicode, offering substitutions where reasonable, if requested.

A library of over 200 carefully constructed symbols is provided and a filter menu is provided to exclude any you may not wish to appear. Filters also exist to exclude certain text associated with various items in a similar way.

As it is constructed by individual contributors and may contain errors or inaccuracies. The street maps are made in the same way and ProOSM+ does its best to iron out inconsistencies of usage of the OSM format, but is unable to remove actual errors. However, as the resulting file is editable, corrections may be made using ProCAD+ and any extra information you may wish to add can be provided at that stage.

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ProOSM+ version 2.0

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Sample PDF files of filtered OSM data saved from ProCAD+ can be downloaded and compared:

Exeter City CentreVersion 1.0Version 2.0
Plymouth City CentreVersion 1.0Version 2.0
Hydro-electric power station on the DanubeVersion 1.0Version 2.0

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